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piping and valves


Our Conley fiberglass pipe and Nil-Cor Fiberglass ball and butterfly valves can solve your most corrosive pipe and valve issues. Habonim ball valves handle your alloy valve needs from 150psi to 6000psi. Indumar’s Stop-It pipe repair products works on any kind of pipe to 400psi  and 500F

Habonim, manual and automated ball valves Virginia


Manufacturer of fiberglass pipe, fittings, strainers and valves since 1950. Used below and above ground for industrial and marine applications. Made in USA.


Manual and automated ball valves. Known for zero stem seal leakage, delivering special valves quickly, and having the most accurate quarter-turn control valves.


Indumar protect piple from corrosion Virginia
Nil Core, ball, butterfly and check valves Virginia


Fiber reinforced ball, butterfly and check valves. World’s leader in composite valves since 1977. For aggressive chemicals, abrasives and marine applications. Made in USA.


Stop-It – The product used to stop pipe leaks in any kind of pipe.


Viscotaq – The product that protects pipe from external corrosion better than any other. Made in USA.


1633 Oak Lake Blvd.
Midlothian VA 23112